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Lucky The Osprey


This set of photographs is of the Osprey we call Lucky. 

The story behind his name, is that in August 2016 he was captured as part of a Tagging/satellite tracking research project, conducted by Rob Bierregaard. He was here (St. John's, NL) in 2016 and 2017 to look at the first migration route of fledgling (New born) Ospreys. For more details check out this page. 

In any case, Luck was the first Osprey trapped. Being an adult Rob decided just to leg band him, collect data like weight, wing size etc. And release him. Since he did not get a transmitter placed on him he was named "Lucky"

Luck has returned every year since 2016. He was captured at the Snows Lane site but subsequently has nested at other sites mainly Aberdeen Dr.

Here are a few pictures from subsequent years. 


If you want to see more pictures of Lucky of other Wildlife Photos check either my Web site, Flicker Site or FB Pages.

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