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Heck of a Day

What an interesting day "Out Birding" or as a friend SA would say "Pitcher Taking" The day was like a baseball game. It's the bottom of the 9th, game is tied. First at bat, Bidgood Park to find the American Bittern, Strike one, Then to Bay Bulls for the Godwit , strike two, next pitch Goulds Race Track for the Osprey a Hit, man on First. Next Batter, Back to Bidgood, still no Bittern Strike one, But there was a Tree Swallow, that puts a man on First and Second, Then Back to Bay Bulls Big Hit Black-tailed Godwit and Greater Yellowlegs Home run, Game over... That is where I thought the day would end but just after getting home an NL Rare Bird alert comes in that there is a Palm Warbler at Rennies River - TY K Marche. I head down and meet B Fleming and K Mercer At first, nothing then Karen spots it and the shutter clicks start going. Then the Yellow-Throated Warbler shows, then a Song Sparrow. So the confirmation alert goes out and my phone won't stop pinging with people wanting confirmation that it was still there. Soon the birders start showing up , Charlie, Ethel, Frank, Shawn, Cynthia, Carol, ... All who good views of the Palm then to top it off a Yellow-rumped Warble and a Savannah Sparrow show themselves. I think a good day had by all !!!

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