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A Day at the Aberdeen Osprey Nest Site

So today while watching the Ospreys at the Aberdeen nest, saw some interesting actions. When I arrived There was one on the nest, the female, and one on it's regular perch the male, (I assumed was Lucky). The male took off and headed towards Virginia Lake. The female stayed on the nest. While there she was being harassed by crows. (First Pic). Then the male came back with a fish and returned to the perch. (Second and third picture) then he took the fish to the female on the nest who took it and flew to the same perch. Then the male joined her. (Picture 4). Then the male was alerted to something. I looked back at the nest and there were several Ring-billed Gulls, circling over it and landing on it. He immediately went it to attack mode and flew off and chased the away. (Pictures 5, 6 7) When I got home I realized that the male was not Lucky, no leg band. So it looks like the female may have two males vying for her attention. Same situation happened last year, until Lucky won out. See how things go this year.

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